Our Philosophy

It is often said that you have to suffer to be beautiful. At Green Beauty Box, we don't believe that. We believe that your beauty must be a pleasant and safe experience. We do the suffering so you can reap the beauty benefits. We research, review and filter beauty products to ensure that only the purest, most natural products are selected. Our rigorous pre-requisites have allowed us to partner with only those companies who share our commitment and passion for quality natural ingredients and healthy and beautiful skin. We believe that a healthier you makes for a healthier planet.

With this in mind, there are four main evaluation criteria that we use to research, review and select manufacturing brands and products that we offer you:

1. Natural Ingredients: We constantly keep up-to-date with cosmetic innovations and skincare research to ensure that ingredients used in the products we sell are safe for your skin and the world. Awareness of the harmful nature of synthetic chemicals to public and ecological health is increasing. Rather than adopting a "wait-and-see" approach to skincare, we refuse to sell, as a principle, any product with synthetic chemicals, whether they are proven, suspected or not yet known to be harmful to your skin and the environment. Cosmetic regulations exist but manufacturers still have a certain freedom and we are here to ensure that a full list of ingredients is provided and reviewed and that products with any unnatural ingredients are rejected.

We fully explain our sourcing policy to cosmetic manufacturers in our Vendor Information. We expect a complete absence of parabens, petrochemicals phthalates, SLS, and synthetic fragrances and over a further 25 commonly used synthetic chemicals in the products on offer. In addition, we also investigate the purity of ingredients marked as “extracts” and “derived from” natural ingredients while seeking the highest percentages available in certified organic ingredients. Finally, we provide a full list of ingredients for each product on our website to further ensure transparency so you know exactly what you are getting.

2. Effective and Efficient Products: We seek products that perform not only as well as, but better than their conventional counterparts. For us, it is not about finding manufacturers who use ingredients commonly known to perform well on your skin, it is about finding experts who are passionate about using ingredients to their most potent and creating an exceptional, luxurious experience for you and your skin.

The purity of natural ingredients contributes to ensuring that a product works to its expected capacity. It is primordial that a product is not just a list of ingredients, no matter how natural they are. We also need to ensure that each ingredient formulation is active. Unfortunately, some products include fillers (even natural fillers) to e.g. lower their costs or have inappropriate containers, which can negatively affect their efficacy and potency. Natural ingredients are fragile and need to be correctly handled, contained and protected in order that they give your skin their full potential and complete benefits. They have a limited shelf life and can lose potency when exposed to too much heat, air or chemicals. To ensure the highest potency, we only select products that have fully active ingredients and no filler. Removing the waste factor introduced by fillers benefits not only your skin but the environment and your purse!

3. Ethical Brands: One of the important requirements of any cosmetic company that we partner with is that it should exert a consistent moral responsibility on its actions. This includes respecting the ingredients' extraction and products' manufacturing processes, giving back in the form of charitable actions, and striving for the highest safety, efficacy and effectiveness of the products they create. They should therefore go beyond simply adding a few green ingredients or products to their offering, to providing a full-blown humane, ecologically-friendly, safe and ethical experience for your beauty routine.

4. Zero-Waste Packaging: It is a prerequisite that the packaging used for the product is ZERO-WASTE but that should not prevent it from being pretty! We picture you putting our products in your bathroom and we want you to be thinking beautiful from the outset, getting a fully beauty-minded experience. We believe that the creative and passionate minds behind the provision of natural, active ingredients for the beauty of your skin must also think of your daily routine in context. If a bottle doesn’t look pretty enough to feature in the bathroom, ultimately we’re not going to use it. Needless to say, at Green Beauty Box, we are obsessed with all things beautiful inside and OUT!

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