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Sheswai Lacquer based in California and lovingly made in the USA. Not only are the colors rich and timeless with a formula that is 5 FREE (sans formaldehyde, toluene, and DBPs), but the packaging is incredibly unique.
  • Lacquer - So Pretty

    A sweet shade of creme that’s sheer with a touch of opalescence, leaving your nails with a glorious glow…oh, it’s so pretty!

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Ladylike

    There is no doubt that our coral rose with a hint of shimmer will leave the rebel in you feeling more ladylike.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Hot Damn

    You asked her to stay and they heard you. The name has changed but the color reigns on. hot damn!

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Winesnob

    A deep, dark, and mysterious full-bodied wine with hints of blackberry. Be your own winesnob.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Magic

    With this milky sheer all it takes is a few strokes of the brush to make your nails appear flawless & glowing…it’s magic.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Nice

    A subtle beige/nude; it’s a chic alternative to the ‘no color’ color. because sometimes you’re spicy…and sometimes you’re nice.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Honeyfox

    A true bright red that’s fun & flirty…makes anyone feel like a honeyfox!

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - What

    This dark, gorgeous eggplant/gray will leave you saying…”what.” no question.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - For Real

    This bone clay putty color is as rich & solid as you are. For real.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Rootsy

    A rich roasted caramel pumpkin color of the earth. Get rootsy.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Yowza

    This fuchsia/purple metallic is a bold punch of color… yowza!

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Perfecto

    With one coat or two this is the perfect color to leave your nails looking clean & pretty. nothing less than…perfecto!

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - So Cute

    Just like her name this soft peachy coral is darling, adorable, and oh-so cute!

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Dig It

    Vibrant. Magnificent. Green. Is. Good. Dig it.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Badass

    This rich metallic espresso chocolate has flecks of bronze…it’s so badass.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Whisper

    A barely-there chiffon pink with a soft satin finish…just like a whisper.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Stoned

    A smooth pebble grey with a touch of lavender and a hint of shimmer that will leave you feeling blissfully happy. stoned.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Babe

    This watermelon coral with a bright pop of pink is sure to get you noticed…She’s bright, sexy, and such a babe.

    AED 60
  • Lacquer - Fersure

    A deep luscious red…it’s sexy, fersure.

    AED 60

What Makes Sheswai Lacquer Different from the Rest?



Our golden logo: the tree & bird represent freedom and the playful nature of California that inspires us.
Wood cap: our caps are made from a sustainably harvested wood, thereby reducing the use of plastic.
Our name: Sheswai (pronounced she-sway)…
“It’s modern glamour with a rootsy feel”


The formula is FREE of formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp’s
Our colors are tried, true, and on trend with something for everyone.
Has a deep opacity with just one coat (although we always prefer two)
Dries to a smooth glossy finish
Wears best without a basecoat on a clean, dry, nail
*sheswai lacquer is NOT “all natural, non toxic, or organic”, If it were, it just wouldn’t be nail polish


We believe painted nails are fantastic accessories
Our products are not tested on animals
We are based in California & lovingly made in the USA
Share the love: Sheswai donates a portion of its profits to organizations that help sustain our beautiful planet (ie: Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Foundation, Heal the Bay, & among others)
Our wood caps are assembled by Willing Workers; a non – profit organization that provides job opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities.


I was born & raised in Southern California, the land of sunshine and sandals. One inspired a quest for wellness and the other a great pedicure.

My passion for a healthy lifestyle has been incorporated into my love of providing natural nail care services. From the custom blended oils I use, to the many benefits of a hand & foot massage, I believe that manicures and pedicures are essential components in any quest for holistic wellness.

For the last several years I've been lucky enough to work with the best in beauty and fashion being represented by the Cloutier Remix Agency, and am currently represented by Nailing Hollywood. The relationships and connections made continually inspire me to be the nail stylist I am today. The opportunity to work on international fashion campaigns, magazine editorials, and for film & television has enabled me to collaborate with incredible artists with access to share my input on trends and techniques. As my interests in the beauty, fashion, and wellness idustries evolved, so did my desire to create a collection of lacquer that's fun, chic, and smart... in 2009 I launched Sheswai Lacquer.

Sheswai Lacquer is a fun, bold & bright, pop of color in an eco-chic bottle. Not only are the colors rich and timeless with a formula that is 5 FREE (sans formaldehyde, toluene, and DBPs), but the packaging is incredibly unique. With a custom cap made from sustainably harvested wood, Sheswai Lacquer is the first of its kind in the beauty industry to incorporate a wood cap, thereby reducing the use of plastic.

Our current collection consists of 22 shades...truly something for everyone.

Sheswai is a Modern Glamour with a Rootsy Feel.

Cheers, Debbie.

Green Beauty Box Note: In a perfect world nail polish would be completely non-toxic. Unfortunately, the few non-toxic, water based nailpolishes out there are simply not good enough yet. And since we think it is highly unlikely that women will stop painting their nails, we choose to sell Sheshwai nailpolish because of their wooden cap, beautiful colours, fantastic names, and great performance. It dries pearly smooth and is self-levelling, so you don't need to go over it again and again with the brush to make it look smooth. Covers completely and beautifully with one coat - even though we prefer two!

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