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Whilst taking care of the skin on our face and body takes up the most time in our daily beauty routine, our underarms are often given less thought beyond periodic hair removal and quick daily roll-on. However, good armpit care helps you get rid of body odour and helps your body feel comfortable and fresh.

The skin, the largest organ of your body, is full of receptors that sense touch, pressure, pain, temperature. The armpit also known as axilla is arguably among the most delicate and sensitive parts of our skin. It is also the part of the body where the most body odour forms, as it attracts the bacteria that causes that smell. With so many different nerves and lymph nodes to perceive the many demands and effects of fashion and life, the axilla senses and often is irritated by shaving, waxing, rubbing, plucking, unnatural anti-perspirant or odour-masking products, and weakened by next to no exposure to sun light. These contribute to making it even more sensitized.

Women report and complain about the discomfort, the stink, itches, the burn and various skin issues. This is often also caused and always aggravated by traditional deodorants formulated with toxic chemical ingredients, in particular aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances and Triclosan. These often leave the skin dry, irritated, and further fragilized. 

Although the negative effects of conventional deodorants are mainly due to the presence of toxic chemicals in their formula, they become all the more dangerous as applying them on our skin gives them direct and immediate entry to our blood stream. They are linked to an alarmingly increasing list of health issues. Aluminium, for example, is an anti-perspirant linked with such disease as Alzheimer's, breast cancer, seizures and bone formation disorders. Parabens are preservative known to mimic oestrogen, which throws off your body's natural hormonal balance increasing related diseases including breast cancer. Synthetic fragrances are used to mask odors but are also well-known to cause skin irritation and allergies. Propylene Glycol is a synthetic preservative Triclosan is favoured because of its antibacterial properties. However, it is also linked with issues affecting human health (including thyroid issues and skin allergies) and the environment.

At Green Beauty Box, we believe in 'better be safe than sorry' and we refuse to toy with the health of our clients or the health of the environment. If there are any potential risk, we avoid the ingredients as you should never be a guinea pig. However, it is not enough that the ingredients are natural. You will quickly find that not all deodorants that claim to be natural are equal. It is important that only potent ingredients are used in the formula, as fillers, will likely produce adverse effects to the skin and even sometimes to the active ingredients themselves.

Good armpit care is the solution for healthy, fresh, comfortable and odourless armpits. It requires a product that works with your skin and a routine that faciliates that care. A good deodorant will help refresh, hydrate, repair, tonify and soothe your underarm skin. It will avoid using any toxic ingredients so as to not irritate your skin. It will fight, using natural ingredients, against bacteria that are at the origin of body odour. It will work with your skin, allowing it to breathe and sweat as nature intends, whilst fighting the negative impact of the latter.

Many natural deodorants have tried to measure up but have failed

It is not all to use natural, active ingredients. It is important that the right elements are combined in the right amount, in the right format to suit the real requirements of armpit care. The good news is that Soapwalla, an ethical and humane company that produces natural and organic skincare products, understands the importance of good armpit care and created two natural deodorants that do all that and a lot more. Soapwalla Citrus Deodorant Cream and Soapwalla Deodorant Cream are natural deodorants that are not only gentle on your skin but also they ACTUALLY work!

soapwalla citrus deodorant

Soapwalla deodorants outperform traditional deodorants in three ways

- They give you a new way of putting deodorant on, using your hands: a gentle touch is what our armpits lack the most. We can often mistreat them to remove hair, rub them quickly with a rolling stick and cover them all day with our arms. This new way allows you take the time to care for your underarms with the end of your fingers massaging the product in, a touch it most craves. The frosting-like consistency allows for easy manual application and rapid absorption, and is ideal for all skin types. This is the way we apply cream to the rest of our skin, so there is no reason the armpit should be given less care or time.

- Next it does not change the way your body functions, it works with your body to mask (body) odour rather than stopping your natural and necessary and healthy sweating like anti-perspirants would. To do so, these all natural and powerful Cream Deodorants utilizes a blend of vegetable powders and clays to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, and ensure a long-lasting and highly effective experience.

- Finally it offers fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins contained in its powerful mix of oils to provide moisturizing but also soothing and reparative benefits to your skin. These exceptional oils elixir provide your skin with its healing, antibiotic, antiviral, antimicrobial, antiseptic, febrifuge, fungicidal, anti-itch, anti-oxidant, analgesic, anticarcinogenic, deodorizing, anti-inflammatory, coolant as well as tonifying qualities. Only the best oils are sought for the purpose such as Shea butter, a sought-after and premium element of skincare extracted from the African Shea tree nut, as well as Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, to cite a few.

The deodorants offered by Soapwalla are natural, vegan, free from toxic chemical ingredients, and give your underarms the care they deserve. They remove the risk of endangering your health and are safe both to you and to the environment, giving you the safe beauty experience that you seek.

soapwalla deodorant

Directions for use your Deodorant Cream

- Mix the Deodorant Cream completely before you start using it. Some natural separation may occur and although this is absolutely normal, you will need to make sure all ingredients are mixed together as one cream before any application. Also, hot or humid weather and temperature fluctuations can alter the solidity of the Deodorant which may arrive liquefied. Thankfully, since Soapwalla does not use any unnecessary waxes or hardeners, these occasional and weather-prone liquifications in no way compromise the effectiveness of the product. Simply mix thoroughly then pop the container in your freezer for about 20 minutes, until it has resolidified. Your Deodorant Cream will then be as good as new!

- Scoop a little bit of cream with your finger and very gently apply to your entire armpit area until completely absorbed (it will absorb very quickly).

- That is all your required daily routine for the care of your underarms and the way to go about your day, odor-free!

Having the right deodorant is primordial to your armpit care

They are also some precautions for sensitive skin. We recommend that if you are a user with known sensitive skin, you give your freshly shaved underarm a few hours before applying any deodorant. Our customers have noticed that when they shave in the evening, they’re able to use any Soapwalla deodorant cream the very next morning without any issues.

Soapwalla offers natural deodorant creams that use a clever blend of oils to provide your underarms with the smoothness, freshness and soothing feeling they need. Applied with a caring touch, whichever deodorant cream you choose will relieve and heal irritated skin, and ban body odour.

Soapwalla is a skincare company that creates the highest quality cosmetic products available. Their products are made with organic, vegan, food-grade ingredients, and never contain harsh, harmful or synthetic additives such as aluminum zirconium, petrochemicals, parabens, phtalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate. They are all made by hand in small batches in Brooklyn, NY studio, USA.