Organic beauty products better

With the increasing discoveries of the adverse side effects of synthetic ingredients, a number of alternatives have risen, most notably products containing up to 100% of natural ingredients. On the other hand, with so many negative testimonials of disappointed customers turned sceptic in discussion forums, adoption of alternative skin care has been hesitant. The industry has played the introduction of natural ingredients in such a carefully incremental way that the synthetic additives still contained in products continued to have the same effects raising doubts that the natural elements did anything.
So now that 100% natural and certified organic products are carving a place on the market, the typical question that arises is: Can natural or even organic skin care products really fix the problems caused by artificial additives?

They have a completely botanic composition free from genetically modified components which makes them naturally compatible with human skin. As a result, they are also gentler, suiting even the most sensitive skin. They naturally nourish the skin beyond the superficial layer with active nutrients. Of course, anything you apply on your skin should be tested first as every skin and body is unique.

Using natural products minimizes your exposure to toxins. This is because 100% natural cosmetic ingredients contain no toxins. In addition, many of these natural ingredients have the ability to draw toxins out of your skin and gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

For some customers disillusioned by the little regulation and reaction to the growing realization of adverse side effects, natural products are the answer. As traditional manufacturers delay formula change to save money, these go-doers chose to take their skin care in their own hands. The quest became to research which natural product could fix the issues introduced on their skin by toxic chemicals.

For Soapwalla founder Rachel Winard, it started in her kitchen with her own skin. To become one of the most successful ethical and humane providers of natural skin care, she had to try and fix the problems that traditional cosmetics and other issues had created on her skin. Over the course of many years, she tried, checked, researched, reviewed, and sought expert guidance on the ingredients that were making a positive difference in the health and beauty of her skin and body. The brand Soapwalla was thus born.

Her own story, the raving reviews and the success of her company are a testimony to the positive change brought about by her proprietary blend of natural ingredients. Her product addresses real issues experienced daily by herself and her clients because she was there and had to try solving them also.

It is always a good sign when the founder of a company knows the issues faced, researches them and grows their expertise, applying and testing cumulated knowledge.

Like other such green-minded companies, she soon discovers the natural products to use and perfects the blends that make the difference in your daily routine and the fight against skin irritations and other issues, and protection against harmful toxins.

Unlike synthetic ingredients whose cumulative use has shown harmful side effects and long term skin and health issues ranging from skin allergies all the way up to various forms of cancer, natural cosmetic ingredients have not been tempered with and introduce no toxin or harmful ingredients to the skin. They work with the body not against its natural functions. They don't confuse the body and, apart from some rare cases of allergies (which as we said above should be tested for before usage), do not cause health risks.

Synthetic chemicals (notably parabens, phthalates, Sodium lauryl sulphate or SLS, Toluene, Hydroquinone, Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS), to quote a very few), are linked to skin health issues, general health issues (skin irritations or allergies, cancer, male infertility, premature aging, abnormal function of the adrenal glands, intoxicating the immune system, issues with the reproductive system, developmental damage in the fetus during pregnancy, heart disease and a lot more) as well as environment issues. And since the increased recognition of those side effects still does not translate into the complete withdrawal of these ingredients from traditional products, natural products provide a safe, healthy and potent cosmetic haven.

Synthetic beauty products formulated

Their side effects can show immediately, within hours and unfortunately, for many, take time as the cumulative use eventually shows its detrimental impact to your health. The worse in this is that their application on the skin provides them with unfiltered and direct access to your blood flow which has been found to be toxic to the body, causing long-term health risks.

It is said that natural ingredients require higher dose than synthetic to work. This actually turns out not to be the case when the products are correctly sourced and we find with the product on offer at Green Beauty Box that the ingredients are concentrated and very little is required to work on the skin. This is because the ingredients are extracted with the highest expertise, often coming from the manual and patient work from local experts whose knowledge and skills stemmed from centuries of the original plants' cultivation, handling and use.

One of the common issues encountered when seeking answers about the efficacy of natural products in solving skin issues introduced by traditional cosmetics is the wrong advertising of natural ingredients composition in products. Deceptive labels play on words like natural to sell products that barely have any such ingredients, giving a bad name to natural products. Other products hide some of their toxic content hidden behind the low cosmetic regulations. All this has led conscious and ethical green organisations to establish standards and for those cosmetic companies who seek adhere to this to ensure that all ingredients in their product are sourced in a way that is ethical, humane and seeks, in good conscience, to produce the best for your skin, your health and that of the environment.

Those are companies you will find at the Green Beauty Box, such as Soapwalla mentioned earlier, but also Mun, Kahina Giving Beauty and many more. Their packaging is zero-waste and safe as well as appropriate for the storage requirements of the natural ingredients they contain. They have the expertise and are certified natural and/or organic, guaranteeing the potency, efficacy and effectiveness of the products they offer. Because they do not use filler, or dangerous mixes, each ingredient has the expected potency and your skin only requires a little of the product to be active. They also penetrate the skin to act beyond the mere surface.

This most important research requires a lot of work, testing, the right contacts and just time. Green Beauty Box finds these companies for you based on rigorous criteria, for your health and that of the environment.