Eye Care

The area around the eyes, also known as periocular area, is among the most expressive, quickly showing signs of tiredness, age or dehydration. It is often the most exposed too, as we need it so in order to see. So it gets to particularly go through the weather, be irritated, made up and rubbed. You might think that this happens to other parts of skin too, like the hands. Unfortunately, the eye area is also the most delicate part of your entire skin, being extremely thin, up to 10 times thinner than the rest of your face skin). In addition, it is close to the eye, a very sensitive sensory organ. These make it the most sensitive as well as a very important space to give special care to

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Organic beauty products better

With the increasing discoveries of the adverse side effects of synthetic ingredients, a number of alternatives have risen, most notably products containing up to 100% of natural ingredients. On the other hand, with so many negative testimonials of disappointed customers turned sceptic in discussion forums, adoption of alternative skin care has been hesitant. The industry has played the introduction of natural ingredients in such a carefully incremental way that the synthetic additives still contained in products continued to have the same effects raising doubts that the natural elements did anything. So now that 100% natural and certified organic products are carving a place on the market, the typical question that arises is: Can natural or even organic skin care products really fix the problems caused by artificial additives?

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Why You Should Use Organic Deodorant

Aug 27, 2017 12:12:00 AM

organic deodorants

Whilst taking care of the skin on our face and body takes up the most time in our daily beauty routine, our underarms are often given less thought beyond periodic hair removal and quick daily roll-on. However, good armpit care helps you get rid of body odour and helps your body feel comfortable and fresh.

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