Welcome To Our Affiliate Network!

We created our Affiliate program as a way for you to make some easy extra money on the side. It is basically a program in which you earn cash each time one of your blog readers, website visitors, your friends or any of the audience that you refer to us via your affiliate link, buys from Green Beauty Box. The cash you get is a percentage of that purchase.

If you love or are an advocate of green health and beauty, if your friends always wonder how you take care of your skin with natural products, if people come to you with questions about what is safe and effective to use on their face or their body, you are the ideal affiliate.

You write articles about green lifestyle, organic products, makeup, and skincare or just answer a question about natural cosmetics? Well, that will earn you far beyond the satisfaction of giving valuable information to people concerned about the health and beauty of their skin. It will indeed pay you!

Your audience will be able to see and purchase any of our natural products, view our careful process of selection, read our blog articles and a lot more. And you will be paid for enabling them to know more about the true health and beauty of their skin, buy more wisely to care for their skin and feel more confident and safe!

Even if you are new to this natural form of taking care of oneself, all you will ever need is a blog, a social platform or a website.

Most of all, the program does not cost you a cent. Yes, it is completely FREE. So, why would you say 'no' to making extra money without having to spend a single cent?

How unique is our program?

When you register for an affiliate account for FREE with Green Beauty Box, you will be earning commissions every time your blog article, your social post, or your website generates a sale. In addition to that, you as our affiliate can pay for any product on Green Beauty Box with earned commission when ordering from greenbeautybox.com. Another great feature is that you can also earn commission when you order for yourself – double the benefit!

Not only does our affiliate program cost you nothing, it also, easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge!

As our affiliates, you get access to useful features, including:

- Affiliate links: You will be able to create your own personal affiliate links using text links or banners. This gives you choices and allows you to integrate your money-making affiliate links as advertising banners, links within an article, social media posts, promotional excerpts or even signatures in emails or newsletters, and a lot more. You can add our links anywhere that will have them. You can also earn money by referring friends.

- Cookie period: We offer a generous number of 60 days cookie period, that means that if your referral does not buy in the first visit on our website, your commission will still be credited to you if he/she returns within 60 days and completes the purchase  

- Referring materials: We also give you plenty of materials so you know about the ingredients, the products and the manufacturers that you are recommending to people from Green Beauty Box. We keep up-to-date with any cosmetic innovations, we are very serious about the integrity of our sourcing, ethical approach and green nature of our manufacturers and their products. We give you full explanation, full description and full listing for each product so there is no question about the content of our offers, the integrity of our partners and what you are referring your audience to. There is plenty of information to keep you and your audience aware of what is useful for the health and beauty, including weekly articles on our blog posts.

- Personalisation: You can use a customised URL that makes your affiliate URL more customer-friendly and more professional and clean.

- Real-Time Statistics and Reports will allow you to check your financial performance, including your sales data, the traffic you have generated and the balance of your commission. You will also be able to see a history of your withdrawals. One of the most exciting feature helps you focus and sharpen your digital marketing; you will be able to monitor your traffic source and thereby identify which one of your referral sources generates you the most money and works the best for you. This data will also help you think of similar sources that you may not have focused on in the first place but that will increase your intake.

How much money will you make?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make. As our affiliate, for every single sale you generate and deliver for us at Green Beauty Box, earns you a generous commission of 10%. We recognise that it is your sale because the client will have come through to us via your affiliate link (whether it is a text link or a banner link). You can cash your money when your balance is a minimum of AED 100. We offer a number of convenient ways of money withdrawal: you can have a direct bank account transfer by just filling up your bank account details; PayPal; or offline methods, where money is given to you in hand in form of cash or local UAE bank cheque.

But we don't stop there. We have a discount incentive policy for your referrals that gives 10% off each purchased item on the first order!

How does it work, step-by-step?

- REGISTER: You first need to register FREE on our affiliate URL. The process is very quick and easy.

- CONFIRM: You will then receive a confirmation at your given email address within a few minutes. Simply click on the email sent to confirm your details. If you can't find the email in your inbox, make sure you check your spam

- REFERRAL LINK: You can now access the affiliate dashboard. In there, create your own referral link which you can then paste wherever you want on your website, your blog, your social post or even your email signature, to cite a few possible places. When one of your visitors or audience clicks on your referral links, this takes them through to greenbeautybox.com and any purchase they make will be recorded as referred by you. You earn commission on any purchase that is made!

Additional information:

* We encourage to register affiliates from all over the world, however, due to product delivery conditions and payment options that we accept, commissions will be paid for sales made only in the GCC region.

**Your commission is always calculated on the basis of 10% from sales volume, however, in all other GCC countries apart from the UAE, commission payout may slightly differ due to currency exchange rates variations.

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